Nepal, Himalayas, Mount Everest Base Camp Hike

The scenery coupled with the satisfaction of reaching the final goal, makes this the ultimate hike. It is however, a very long and very difficult hike. The trail begins in Lukla at an elevation More....

Distance: 100+ miles

Spain, Pyrenees Mountains Refugio Angel Orus to Refugio Biados

Stunning scenery. During the winter (especially with snow) I would consider this to be a route for experienced hikers only – expect it to take 13 hours hard hiking. Snow shoes or skis are a must, as are crampons and ice pick. More....

Distance: 15 miles

Ireland, Kerry, Kate Kearney's Cottage to Killarney via Tomies Rock

This is an easy hike from Kate Kearney's Cottage to Coolcummisk Beag peak and back to the roadway. From here to Tomies Wood there is no marked or obvious trail. More....

Distance: 15 miles

Ireland, Wicklow, Roundwood to Lough Dan

This is a very easy hike, from Roundwood the first part of the hike is on roadway or you can drive to the car park just as you turn at Old Bridge. The remainder of the road from here in is not suitable for parking. The track is an agricultural access until you get to the lake shore. More....

Distance: 9 miles

Ireland, Kerry, Killarney to the Black Valley

Apart from the long distance of this trail – it is a very easy hike, with wonderful views of the Lakes of Killarney and the Magillicuddy Reeks. The route is by road and well worn foot trails. More....

Distance: 20+ miles

Ireland, Wicklow, The Wicklow Way from North to South

I had a week to complete this journey and I took a couple of detours and stayed a few extra nights along the way. This journey doesn't need a tent and cooking gear but they can be usefulif you don't wish to leave the trail for accommodation purposes. I could have camped more on this journey but weather was extremely bad and I opted for a little bit of comfort. More....

Distance: 70+ miles

Spain, Pyrenees Mountains, Castejon de Sos to Refugio Angel Orus

Amazing scenery on this route. In winter the final part of the journey is better done with snow shoes or skis. Parking in Castejon is straight forward. I have marked a section of the trail More....

Distance: 15 miles

Ireland, Tipperary, looped walk in the Comeraghs

This looped walk has stunning scenery and is not a difficult hike but is quite steep in parts. Some amazing views of mountain lakes and surrounding country side. More.... there is no trail, so you will need a GPS to follow this exact route.

Distance: 10 miles

Spain, Pyrenees Mountains, Refugio Angel Orus to Pico los Posets

This trail should not be attempted in Snowy conditions without crampon, ice pick and at least snow shoes. Trail is a lot easier with skis but you need to be at an advanced level. More.... the final ridge to the peak is narrow and great care must be taken

Distance: 3 miles

Spain, Pyrenees Mountains, Refugio Biados to Refugio d'Estos

A very long Hike in winter and snow shoes or skis are a must, took me over 14 hours in April, snow was quite heavy and I had a heavy pack. For experienced winter hikers only and in summer More....

Distance: 7 miles

Ireland, Beara Peninsula, Barley Lake to Hungry Hill

This is a no trail hike, navigational skills and good map are essential and GPS is advantageous. Scenery is stunning as you are hiking the ridge & plateau on the border of Cork and Kerry. The terrain is More....

Distance: 10 miles